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Yoonee van den Eynde
Harp teacher

About me

Achievements and credentials

▫ Graduated at the Brussels’ Royal Conservatory of Music, First Prize in Solfège and First Prize in harp with the highest distinction.
▫ Performance Diploma, University of Indiana (Bloomington University).
▫ Received the Rissler Prize, Belgium
▫ First prize in solo at the International Competition (Union of FemaleMusical Artists, Paris)
▫ First prize in chamber music at the International Competition(Union of Female Musical Artists, Paris)
▫ Prize winner of Foundation Cziffra at Senlis, Paris.
▫ Studied with Catherine Michel (Paris, France), Elisabeth Fontan-Binoche (Nice, France) and Susan McDonald (Indiana University, Bloomington).
▫ Recorded a CD of harp duet
▫ Was previously teaching at the Washington Conservatory of Music and the International School of Music.
▫ Performed in Belgium, France, Denmark, Switzerland and in the United States as soloist, in chamber Music and with Orchestra

Yoonee’s vision

Love heals the heart as music smooths your feelings. Together, they are the wings of the soul.
My vision is to transmit to my students the beauty of music through the magic of harp


Yoonee’s life

Married, she is a mother of two children. She was born in South Korea, grew up in Belgium, and settled in the US in 1999. She loves painting and drawing, all outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, yoga and meditation. She is an AFAA certified fitness trainer and taught at the NIH. She is a family-oriented person and friendship means a lot to her. Her passion is teaching to kids. She focuses her career on harp teaching.



I am teaching to young children, teenagers and adults as well.
Beginner students are very welcome! No previous music or reading notes experience is a prerequisite.

I teach both pedal harp (classical harp)
and level harp (Celtic harp) in English and or in French.
I teach once a week at my home on my own harps. Thus, you don't need to bring your instrument for a lesson. However, you will ultimately need one for home practice. I offer individual lessons of 30 minutes or longer based on your skills and expectations.

I will be naturally happy to advice and provide you information about where to rent/buy harps, which materials/music to purchase.
Best contact address at 240 338 8073 or yooneevde@gmail.com

Beyond Teaching - Concert - Gig

Performs and provides musical entertainment

□ Cocktail hours
□ Receptions
□ Grand Opening
□ Private Parties
□ Corporation functions
□ Museums and galleries
□ Wedding ceremony

Performance given at

□ Capitol Hill
□ Department of State
□ French Embassy in Washington
□ Canadian Embassy in Washington
□ Korean Embassy in Washington
□ Kennedy Center with the Washington Korean Symphonic Orchestra
□ Corcoran Museum
□ Represented Belgium at the Forth World Harp Congress in Paris
□ Recital before H.M. Prince Henri of Luxembourg and before the Princess of Caraman Chimay


Phone: 240-338-8073